Private Chef

in between my shooting and blogging I’m a private chef…….yes you can have me for a price…..

to cook that is….

lets chat +(61) 401 666643 in Australia – New York/LA – +1(917) 4446883

…and we’ll discuss menus and like minded things, ill then draft up a menu…we will too and fro and ill drop you some serious gorgeous food, tailored to your every love.

i work alone so i don’t do massive….i love feeding you your family and your friends with exquisite bits and bobs and rest assured its the best produce and the best flavour.

ethos – i dont mess with my food. its pure, its original and its mine. it also tastes amazing and as close to the produce and moth earth as possible. you may not have tried the dish before but how much fun is that…..!

see my menus on – www.susanstittfood.com

i shop and resource, cook and deliver to serve. i charge you receipts for ingredient and $100@hr for me. but I’m fast…

lets do it